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Relax & Detox Bath Salts ~ Organic Lavender 1KG


RELAX, DETOX and unwind in a warm bath or foot spa. All ingredients are of the highest quality and purest form ~100% natural & free from heavy metals, chemicals & fillers.
Magnesium absorbs easily through the skin and can provide both mental and physical wellness. This includes; stress relief by calming the nervous system, soothing sore, tired muscles, whilst improving circulation. Magnesium can also assist in hydrating dry or damaged skin and replenish Magnesium depletion in your body.
With 84 trace elements and minerals Pink Himalayan salts are a powerful detoxifier, they help draw out toxins from your skin and tissues leaving you feeling refreshed & nourished.
Lavender Essential Oil is perfect for calming the mind and body leaving you feeling relaxed and calm.

DIRECTIONS: ADD 1 to 3 cups depending on bath size to a warm (not hot) bath & soak for at least 15 minutes to allow salts to absorb into your body.  If the water is too hot this can sometimes increase inflammation.

Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride Flakes from The Dead Sea (Food Grade), Pink Himalayan Salts from The Himalayan Mountains (Food Grade), Lavender 100% PURE Essential Oil ~ ACO Certified Organic  (Certification #12456)

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