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Luxury Soy Candle - Wild Fig, Cassis & Cedarwood


Pure essential & fragrant oils (phthalate-free) are expertly hand blended with natural soy wax to create our unique, true to life scents. We use 100% natural soy wax, the slowest burning wax on the market. Our Candles are constructed using two cotton wicks for an even and slow burn. 355ml | 320g | Up to 80+ HOUR BURN TIME

Scent Notes

A vibrant blend of sweetened warmed Figs and soothing Cassis. Balanced out with earthy Cedarwood and Citrus. This is an exotic mix which bathes you in mystery. A beautiful calming scent. 

Top Notes: Fir Needle, Lemon Peel.
Middle Notes: Cassis, Ripe Fig.
Base Notes: Rosewood, Cedarwood.


Our Candles are hand poured into stunning reusable Whiskey Tumblers, designed to be reused to hold your favourite drinks for many years to come. Once you have finished burning your candle, rinse out the glass with hot water to remove any wax residue.

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