Florair Humidifier - Black


Florair provides you with stylish and sleek on the go minimalist style humidifier. 
Keep your skin hydated, soft and healthy with our Portable Moisturizing Humidifier.
Add moist to any room, office or even car with our Portable Moisturizing Humidifier. You can use the humidifier to add more moisture to your skin or your little indoor plants when your surroundings are a little dry.
It's important to moisturize you skin when the air you're breathing is a little dry. Dry air can cause your skin to crack, start rashes, and irritate your skin. None of it is any fun but our Portable Moisturizing Humidifier is here to help with that.

A completely silent motor makes the misting experience incredibly therapeutic and relaxing when lounging around the house. Just fill-up the 270ml tank with water and power on the Humidifier.
You can even travel with the Humidifier as it’s 100% wireless and needs no power source to operate. Use the included USB cable to keep it charged at all times and enjoy the added moisture on the go!

Package Includes:

1 x Humidifier
1 x Water Tank
1 x USB Cable
2 x Cotton Filter
1 x User Manual


100% wireless and portable design you can travel with anywhere
2 night light options
Can run for 4-8 hours straight before needing a charge
Silent misting that creates a therapeutic environment
270ml capacity storage tank


78mm x 78mm x 155mm


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