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Aroma Stone

  • The Aroma-Stone USB diffuser features a minimalistic design, though has a quality ceramic cover and is highly functional. The Aroma-Stone comes with a standard wall cord and a USB power cord included, making  the Aroma-Stone ideal to use in your office, home or whilst traveling. The Aroma-Stone USB cord is compatible with most computers, mobile phone chargers & USB power outlets.
    • WHY WE LOVE IT: 

    • A stylish compact diffuser, could be suited for desk tops and work spaces.
    • With its stylish ceramic cover,  simplistic design, & great price point,  would make a great gift for both females and males alike.
    • With both a wall cord and a USB cord included, the Aroma-Stone is very versatile.



      • 5 in 1 multi functions
      • Standard wall cord + USB power cord too
      • Quality ceramic outer cover with wood top
      • 100ml Water Capacity
      • Operates up to 5hrs
      • Product size 11.5 cm x 9.7 cm
      • Uses Ultrasonic Cool Mist technology
      • No heat source used
      • Auto switch off on low water level
      • Can operate with no light, if preferred
      • Manufactured by world leaders and inventors of ultrasonic technology, Ultransmit.
      • Mist dispersion covers 15-20 sq/m
      • Colour Changing LED light at the base, will rotate through a series of relaxing colours, can be set on any colour, or completely turned off.
        • Aroma-birch


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